Month: June 2017

Paul – Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, Australia

“[…] The tides began to steal away from morning light As night receded river walls seemed to grow high Then you climbed down into my arms and closed your eyes When we awoke we had been drifting  We didn’t mean to go to sea, We didn’t mean to drift away We never planned to up and leave, But still the sea took us away We saw no lands on the horizon, No distant shores along the fray Yet all the more we found ourselves When we got lost at sea that day […]” – We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea (lyrics) by Declan O’Rourke

Rajveer – Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia

“You don’t gotta say it, I know you ain’t stayin’ over And I won’t even mention the fact that you’re never sober I never know which side I’m gonna get tonight And the closer we get, the less I think I know you But you’re just my type The kind that only calls me late at night You can’t decide if you’ll be yours or mine I hate to say it, but you’re just my type…” – My Type by The Chainsmokers